Legends of combat

8 April, 2013

Antoni Hervàs & Pablo Serret de Ena
Curated by Jordi Antas and David Armengol

Opening: Saturday 20.04, 12h
20.04.2013 to 14.07.2013

Legends of combat is a concept used by literary critic Santiago Alba Rico to refer to the novels of GK Chesterton. A kind of popular narrative that analyzes the immediate surroundings (in his case the English society of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries) from a double prism: on one hand the mythical and fabulous character of the day-to-day life, capable at any moment of extreme and extraordinary situations, on the other hand, a position of resistance and dissidence against the normative that populates his stories of characters released so pleasantly from the practical side.

If we transfer this concept to the artistic practice of Antoni Hervàs and Pablo Serret de Ena, we can found a similar attitude that distills the stories of Chesterton. Two modes of addressing and magnifying the day-to-day experience through resources such as the epic, parody or humor, something that, whether through expanded drawings of the first one, or videos and installations of the second, generates a kind of useless and dysfunctional activism able to rethink the status of the artist nowadays.

Antoni Hervàs takes as a starting point anecdotes and personal experiences that he uses as working material to later move it to the area of mythology and fable. Especially focused on drawing, his recent work is heading towards performative resources where the choreography, drama and music become fundamental elements for the transmission of his stories.

Pablo Serret de Ena analyzes the possibilities of art as a shared experience, something that leads him to continual collaboration processes that he links through videos, installations and workshops in which he blurs the boundaries between art and life. Next to the notion of game, his work involves the development of a serial of deeds, achievements and absurd or impossible challenges that invite to question the notions of identity and authority.

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translation: sylvaine b├ęal

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