The Slip

31 October, 2013

Ion Macareno & Quim Packard
Curated by Jordi Antas

Opening: Saturday 23 November, from 12h to 15h
From November 23rd to February 1st, 2014

Whether a slip, a neglect, a miscalculation, an unintentional failure or a faux- pas as they say in French; whether practically a tiny instant, the scope of a slip , – understood as an act failed – incorporating such speed before the development of the action, which is seen dragged from doubt to enthusiasm, to the ridiculous, the absurd, delirium or saturation in a matter of few seconds. An intensity that grabs the viewer and complexes to careless within a subjective projection mode and clashes for a few seconds to a dormant state, while the severity and impact of such an act is analyzed.

An event, that of a vulgar slip, from a casual analysis and an unfolded attitude, takes as its starting point some games of opposites: the pessimistic and enthusiastic, the comic while dangerous even violent, or the combination of malice and innocence that such situations overflow. Minimum experiences or perhaps exaggerated by the work of two artists , Ion Macareno and Quim Packard, face a cross-talk from certain shared interests such as error, failure, joke, the absurd challenge, or return to essential. A start- crisis either through the sculptural installations of the first artist, or drawings, installations and actions of the second, which generates a latent tension determined by such actions of our own immediate environment from a dual position: on one side the essay by way of stories about human condition and its weaknesses and on the other the exaltation of unusual and extraordinary besides an ironic attitude to the Freudian slip.

Ion Macareno takes as its starting point the assembly field combining different registers like drawing ( watercolor ) and screen printing, which help him to outline and move to the sculpture field. From minimal constructions, he establishes as a wink, a particular revision of the Basque school, heading for resources that stand out for their simplicity, and which become fundamental in the development of his work, focusing on an obsessive work workshop, which reinforces his low spectacular drawings and of anti-hero stories.

Quim Packard starts from different manifestations of the search for the essence as the return to nature, grunge or neo -folk, the DIY movement , among others, to investigate its politics side. Building a bridge between these lines of thought and also the exhibition space as a key point of this ideological field he uses the myth of spontaneity or partially banal game as a tool to insert these connections. Groping between postmodern irony and modern enthusiasm from his drawings he develops various work processes that are articulated in many registers such as workshops, performances, installations, concerts and theater sketches.

The slip is therefore an exhibition that opens the DAFO 2013-2014 season, and continues with the pairing proposition which began with the previous exhibition Legends of combat. Two exhibitions of dialogue and confrontation between two artists from different contexts, involving closer relationships with each of them, as well as a self-criticism approach that working in the art entails.

Thanks :
Nuble Gallery, Sorigu├ę Foundation, m├║ltiplos, molde, Art Center Panera, yvette a. mata, sisko baraut

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