The Intervened Library

3 January, 2013

Curated by Ingráfica-Hablar en Arte (Javier Martín-Jiménez y Sören Meschede)
DAFO. Lleida
opening: 12.01. 12h
12.01.13 – 23.03.13

Esther Achaerandio | Izaskun √Ālvarez Gainza | Javier Arce | Tamara Arroyo | Irene de Andr√©s | Marlon de Azambuja | Busto Bocanegra | M√≠riam Cantera | Pedro Lu√≠s Cembranos| Da√Īos Colaterales | Javier Chavarr√≠a | Ra√ļl D√≠az Reyes | Julio Falag√°n |Theo Firmo | Nuria Fuster | Mar√≠a Gamb√≠n | Fernando Garc√≠a | Mar√≠a Garc√≠a Ib√°√Īez | Sonia Higuera | Edu Hurtado | Hisae Ikenaga | Olaf Ladousse | Juan L√≥pez | Carlos Maci√° | √ďscar Mart√≠nez Mart√≠n y Eva Rueda Catry | Momu & No Es | Monoperro | Alfredo Morte | Pepe Murciego | Jaime Narv√°ez | Noaz | Blanca P√©rez-Portabella | Jordi Ribes | Bel√©n Rodr√≠guez | Mario Sarrami√°n | Pablo Serret | Daniel Silvo | Luis-Felipe Talo | Fran√ßoise Vanneraud | Zo√© T. Vizca√≠no | Maya Watanabe

‚ÄúThe intervened library‚ÄĚ presents a new challenge for 40 artists. They are being given the opportunity not to tackle a blank sheet of paper, page or canvas, albeit with the added difficulty of having to work with a medium that carries huge symbolic weight, of whatever kind. In this case, it is the medium itself that will define both the artists‚Äô ideas and what they choose to do with it, as the relationship between the two of them is important for a satisfactory outcome.

The topic proposed will be set by the publication used: The exhibition, like any library, it will have to have all kinds of ‚Äúliterature‚ÄĚ that appeals to all kinds of people. This is why the selection of artists at the first phase of ‚ÄúThe intervened library‚ÄĚ is so diverse. The library accepts all sorts of interventions (drawing, collage, cut-outs, insertions, etc.), provided they use an existing publication as medium: books, catalogues, atlases, maps books, encyclopaedias, art brochures, comics, calendars and diaries, magazines, newspapers, and so on.

For the first phase of ‚ÄúThe intervened library‚ÄĚ, Ingr√°fica invited 40 artists to produce the first works of the library, which will grow with the time passing. The library with the unique works of the archive can be touched and read on its itinerancy to different national and international venues. The library is also available online and can be revised and studied at the website of Ingr√°fica

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