5 June, 2019

    Paraíso Residencia #1
    Lleida. Junio 2019.

    El paraíso es la zona de localidades económicas del piso más alto de los grandes teatros italianos por encima del último anfiteatro, también denominado como gallinero. Paraíso también es un antiguo gallinero anexado a nuestra casa donde DAFO incorpora un nuevo programa a medio camino de la residencia de artistas y nuestro hogar que tendrá lugar dos veces al año: junio y octubre.

    Esta residencia pretende incorporar un espacio de trabajo, de intercambio y de encuentros mezclado con la convivencia familiar, la presentación de proyectos, el debate y el intercambio entre otros agentes y artistas del contexto local y nacional.

    Para ello, iniciamos esta primera residencia de primavera con Francesc Ruiz Abad (Palamós, 1990), artista que usa el viaje como eje central de su práctica. A partir de la práctica pictórica, sus pinturas, dibujos e instalaciones se desarrollan como colecciones de recorridos pasados, cargados de fragmentos que ha ido coleccionando en libretas, fotografías y dibujos.

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  2. (Castellano) EL MÉTODO FLAUVERT

    6 March, 2018


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  3. JOSEP MAYNOU. Hip-Hup.



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  4. (Castellano) DEMO_5. Taller con Francesc Torres y Santiago Ydañez

    YT _ Francesc Torres / Santiago Ydáñez
    31 December, 2016


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  5. (Castellano) LLAMO A LA PUERTA DE LA PIEDRA. Jornada de actividades

    pedra al cotxe copia


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  6. DEMO_4. Workshop by DEMOCRACIA

    31 December, 2015


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    ianwaelder-foto web
    10 December, 2015

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  8. Visit_02: Pol Merchán + “True Stories of Art” performance/reading by Pol Merchán // Tuesday 17th november 10:30h

    11 November, 2015


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  9. Workshop by Lúa Coderch

    6 October, 2015


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  10. Wishful thinking (or thought blinded by illusion)

    imagen 2
    5 June, 2015

    Solo show by Lúa Coderch
    Curated by Jordi Antas
    Opening:  29 october at 13,00h
    To 29 october to 6 desember  2015

    Espai Vestíbul. EAM Leandre Cristòfol.
    C. La Palma s/n, Lleida
    Schedules: To Monday to Friday: 9:00 a 14:30 pm and  18:00 a 20:00 pm

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  11. (Castellano) DESENTRAÑAR LA CIUDAD EN IMÁGENES. Taller a cargo de Juan Santos, de NOPHOTO

    imagen 2

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  12. Repetition and Difference – Repetition and Difference. Workshop by Oriol Vilanova

    L'atelier de moulages du Louvre et des musées de France
    20 January, 2015



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  13. Showcase #4

    Llavaneras_Sala d'Art Jove_ADO_0


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  14. The 9th Biennial of Art Leandre Cristòfol

    9 biennal Lleida DEF.indd

    Mercedes Mangrané | Teresa Solar | Mauro Vallejo
    Opening 31.01.15, 11h

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  15. Showcase #3

    imatge web flyerD web
    20 October, 2014


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  16. (Castellano) Inauguración “Qué hacemos con la performance? Qué hacemos con la performativitat” De Cabello/Carceller

    14 October, 2014

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  17. Nothing stops. Preface and Act

    Adrianna web
    16 September, 2014

    Marla Jacarilla | Bruno Ollé | Ricardo Trigo | Adrianna Wallis
    opening: 25.10 (houre to concretise)
    To 25.10 to 18.01 2015
    DAFO, Lleida


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  19. Showcase #2

    2 June, 2014

    Egolactante, tercera etapa
    by Javier Peñafiel

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  20. Perfect Figure

    Imagen destacada
    17 April, 2014

    Curated by Jordi Antas
    DAFO-Panera. Lleida
    06.06.2014 / 04.10.2014

    Elena Alonso | Ariadna Parreu | Ryan Rivadeneyra

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  21. Showcase #1

    colomina3 bn3
    10 March, 2014


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  22. Back to essential



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  23. The Slip

    imagen difusión copia6
    31 October, 2013

    Ion Macareno & Quim Packard
    Curated by Jordi Antas

    Opening: Saturday 23 November, from 12h to 15h
    From November 23rd to February 1st, 2014

    Whether a slip, a neglect, a miscalculation, an unintentional failure or a faux- pas as they say in French; whether practically a tiny instant, the scope of a slip , – understood as an act failed – incorporating such speed before the development of the action, which is seen dragged from doubt to enthusiasm, to the ridiculous, the absurd, delirium or saturation in a matter of few seconds. An intensity that grabs the viewer and complexes to careless within a subjective projection mode and clashes for a few seconds to a dormant state, while the severity and impact of such an act is analyzed.

    An event, that of a vulgar slip, from a casual analysis and an unfolded attitude, takes as its starting point some games of opposites: the pessimistic and enthusiastic, the comic while dangerous even violent, or the combination of malice and innocence that such situations overflow. Minimum experiences or perhaps exaggerated by the work of two artists , Ion Macareno and Quim Packard, face a cross-talk from certain shared interests such as error, failure, joke, the absurd challenge, or return to essential. A start- crisis either through the sculptural installations of the first artist, or drawings, installations and actions of the second, which generates a latent tension determined by such actions of our own immediate environment from a dual position: on one side the essay by way of stories about human condition and its weaknesses and on the other the exaltation of unusual and extraordinary besides an ironic attitude to the Freudian slip.

    Ion Macareno takes as its starting point the assembly field combining different registers like drawing ( watercolor ) and screen printing, which help him to outline and move to the sculpture field. From minimal constructions, he establishes as a wink, a particular revision of the Basque school, heading for resources that stand out for their simplicity, and which become fundamental in the development of his work, focusing on an obsessive work workshop, which reinforces his low spectacular drawings and of anti-hero stories.

    Quim Packard starts from different manifestations of the search for the essence as the return to nature, grunge or neo -folk, the DIY movement , among others, to investigate its politics side. Building a bridge between these lines of thought and also the exhibition space as a key point of this ideological field he uses the myth of spontaneity or partially banal game as a tool to insert these connections. Groping between postmodern irony and modern enthusiasm from his drawings he develops various work processes that are articulated in many registers such as workshops, performances, installations, concerts and theater sketches.

    The slip is therefore an exhibition that opens the DAFO 2013-2014 season, and continues with the pairing proposition which began with the previous exhibition Legends of combat. Two exhibitions of dialogue and confrontation between two artists from different contexts, involving closer relationships with each of them, as well as a self-criticism approach that working in the art entails.

    Thanks :
    Nuble Gallery, Sorigué Foundation, múltiplos, molde, Art Center Panera, yvette a. mata, sisko baraut

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  24. DAFO Special Day #2

    26 June, 2013

    July 13th, 12 to 20h
    DSD#2 Program

    12h Visit Combat Legend by Jordi Antas, David Armengol and Antoni Hervàs
    14h Paella
    17h Round Table: The book in the exhibition space. The discomfort of disguise objetual
    moderated by Anna Pahissa (multiplos), and with the participation of:
    Moritz Küng, Francesc Ruiz and Mireia Sallarès
    19h Concert-Performance of Jeleton

    Download text (only spanish). El libro en el espacio de exposición. La incomodidad del disfraz objetual


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  25. Legends of combat

    8 April, 2013

    Antoni Hervàs & Pablo Serret de Ena
    Curated by Jordi Antas and David Armengol

    Opening: Saturday 20.04, 12h
    20.04.2013 to 14.07.2013

    Legends of combat is a concept used by literary critic Santiago Alba Rico to refer to the novels of GK Chesterton. A kind of popular narrative that analyzes the immediate surroundings (in his case the English society of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries) from a double prism: on one hand the mythical and fabulous character of the day-to-day life, capable at any moment of extreme and extraordinary situations, on the other hand, a position of resistance and dissidence against the normative that populates his stories of characters released so pleasantly from the practical side.

    If we transfer this concept to the artistic practice of Antoni Hervàs and Pablo Serret de Ena, we can found a similar attitude that distills the stories of Chesterton. Two modes of addressing and magnifying the day-to-day experience through resources such as the epic, parody or humor, something that, whether through expanded drawings of the first one, or videos and installations of the second, generates a kind of useless and dysfunctional activism able to rethink the status of the artist nowadays.

    Antoni Hervàs takes as a starting point anecdotes and personal experiences that he uses as working material to later move it to the area of mythology and fable. Especially focused on drawing, his recent work is heading towards performative resources where the choreography, drama and music become fundamental elements for the transmission of his stories.

    Pablo Serret de Ena analyzes the possibilities of art as a shared experience, something that leads him to continual collaboration processes that he links through videos, installations and workshops in which he blurs the boundaries between art and life. Next to the notion of game, his work involves the development of a serial of deeds, achievements and absurd or impossible challenges that invite to question the notions of identity and authority.

    múltiplos, art center la panera, fc barcelona

    translation: sylvaine béal

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  26. The Intervened Library

    imagen destacada
    3 January, 2013

    Curated by Ingráfica-Hablar en Arte (Javier Martín-Jiménez y Sören Meschede)
    DAFO. Lleida
    opening: 12.01. 12h
    12.01.13 – 23.03.13

    Esther Achaerandio | Izaskun Álvarez Gainza | Javier Arce | Tamara Arroyo | Irene de Andrés | Marlon de Azambuja | Busto Bocanegra | Míriam Cantera | Pedro Luís Cembranos| Daños Colaterales | Javier Chavarría | Raúl Díaz Reyes | Julio Falagán |Theo Firmo | Nuria Fuster | María Gambín | Fernando García | María García Ibáñez | Sonia Higuera | Edu Hurtado | Hisae Ikenaga | Olaf Ladousse | Juan López | Carlos Maciá | Óscar Martínez Martín y Eva Rueda Catry | Momu & No Es | Monoperro | Alfredo Morte | Pepe Murciego | Jaime Narváez | Noaz | Blanca Pérez-Portabella | Jordi Ribes | Belén Rodríguez | Mario Sarramián | Pablo Serret | Daniel Silvo | Luis-Felipe Talo | Françoise Vanneraud | Zoé T. Vizcaíno | Maya Watanabe

    The intervened library” presents a new challenge for 40 artists. They are being given the opportunity not to tackle a blank sheet of paper, page or canvas, albeit with the added difficulty of having to work with a medium that carries huge symbolic weight, of whatever kind. In this case, it is the medium itself that will define both the artists’ ideas and what they choose to do with it, as the relationship between the two of them is important for a satisfactory outcome.

    The topic proposed will be set by the publication used: The exhibition, like any library, it will have to have all kinds of “literature” that appeals to all kinds of people. This is why the selection of artists at the first phase of “The intervened library” is so diverse. The library accepts all sorts of interventions (drawing, collage, cut-outs, insertions, etc.), provided they use an existing publication as medium: books, catalogues, atlases, maps books, encyclopaedias, art brochures, comics, calendars and diaries, magazines, newspapers, and so on.

    For the first phase of “The intervened library”, Ingráfica invited 40 artists to produce the first works of the library, which will grow with the time passing. The library with the unique works of the archive can be touched and read on its itinerancy to different national and international venues. The library is also available online and can be revised and studied at the website of Ingráfica

    Hablar en Arte, Ingráfica, Art Center La Panera, cc labaldufa

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  27. Els Inmutables / Los Inmutables / The Immutable

    Inagen destacada web
    16 August, 2012

    Curated by Jordi Antas and David Armengol
    DAFO. Lleida
    opening: 22.09, 12h
    22.09.2012 – 24.11.2012

    Aggtelek | Raúl Díaz Reyes | Lola Lasurt | Paula Mueller | Rasmus Nilausen | Luís Vassallo

    The Immutable is the exhibition that completes DAFO´s statement of intent declared the past month of april with The Golden Banner. Two group exhibitions that mark the fundamental premises defining the space: a self-critic aproximation to what is involved when working with art, a relationship with the artists based on direct experience and the intent to merge various artistic scenes.

    In this sense, The Immutable takes drawing and painting as starting point in order to analyze the inalterable character of such records from a conceptual perspective. A stoic and courageous gesture – to keep on painting in scenarios that are less receptive to pictorial work – that invites you to an updated review of the peripheral status of the paintor in contemporary artistic practice. An act of persistence that, either from a more parodic and godless attitude towards the medium itself, or from a more romantic and passionate reading, that promotes an appealing proliferation of pictorial proposals within the context of emerging art.

    Thereby, and through an ironic and flexible lense, The Immutable claims the impassive mood of the painter or the draughtsman and his or her trade and towards the communities in which he/she operates. Staging in which, as a chain reaction, the pictorial and sound atmospheres of Aggetelek in The Speaker (2011), coexist with the approximation of the ufology that Raul Díaz Reyes (in this case in association with the brazilian photographer Paula Muniz) carry out through the photography and drawing in Visionarios (2011).

    A dialogue that continues with Instrucció en cercle (2010) by Lola Lasurt, an ambiguous set of pseudo-documentary paintings that the artist draws from the Women’s Encyclopedia edited by Salvat in 1970 and with a mural intervention by Paula Mueller for The Immutable. A visual narrative of epic and tragicomic dyes that link with the recent paintings by Luis Vassallo, selecting both parts of Realidad Orgánica Primera (2011) – a set of formal, iconic and symbolic relations – as with El Organista (2012), a new work with figurative roots. Finally, the exhibition ends with a new pictorial production by Rasmus Nilausen, a series of pieces focusing on the visual and conceptual approach to still life painting.

    Ultimately, The Immutable wants to show six different approaches to painting and drawing, but that in turn share a common attitude: to work through their potential and their critical narrative against a reality, at times, too rigid. A power witch is more dysfunctional than practical, more useless than productive, but that is able to monetize it´s low relevance thus offering other possible views about what surrounds and defines us.

    Art Center la Panera, José Robles Gallery

    Translate: Pia Nielsen

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  28. DAFO Special Day

    15 June, 2012

    The July 7 DAFO held in the DAFO Special Day, a proposal for a single-day functioning as a parallel activity to the current exhibition, which wants to establish a meeting and presentation of independent projects related to practice contemporary art from different parts of the Spanish state. A day of sharing experiences that will have different activities in a relaxed framework next.


    12h. Visit The Golden Banner by Jordi Antas and David Armengol.
    13h. Presentation Bookshowcase # 1, by Mireia c. Saladrigues and Anna Pahisa (Multiples)
    17h. Roundtable “Freestyle” with:

    Chachara | FelipaManuela | Galeria Alegria | Homesession | Multiplos | RàdioBucket | Rampa

    19h. Concert Renaldo & Clara



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  29. L’estendar daurat / El estandarte dorado / The Golden Banner

    29 March, 2012

    Curated by Jordi Antas and David Armengol

    Opening: 28th April 2012
    28th April – 23th June 2012 (extended until July 21st)


    The Golden Banner represents a comparison between the solemn parody of epic medieval poetry (the banner as the emblem and symbolic membership) and low social status, which, in general terms affect and define contemporary art. A self-critical approach of the artistic practice in which the outdated reference – even absurd – the banner, operates as a possible avenue to approach the functions and dysfunctions which determine the role of the artist.

    The Golden Banner is a visual and conceptual dialogue between seven artists from several origins (Spain, France and England) – Pedro Luis Cembranos, Ainara Elgoibar, Fermin Jimenez Landa, Martin Llavaneras, Pere Llobera, Richard Proffitt and Françoise Vanneraud, even though they work using different concepts and ways of presentation (paint, drawings, installation or video) – they share a similar attitude to the artistic fact; in a position halfway between faith (idealist confidence in what they are) and disrepute(the constant of questioning their background).

    In this way, and through the useless power that is reflected in the golden banner, the exhibition offers a fragmented narrative that impacts the possibility of redefining our immediate environment through contemporary art. Artistic offerings, showing resistance to norms and standards, are covered by many fields of interest: the parody of the painting (Pere Llobera), the absurd and useless occurrence (Fermín Jiménez Landa), the alteration of time and rhythm (Ainara Elgoibar), the satirical codes of a new mysticism (Richard Proffitt), the ridiculous dangerousness and the idea of limits (Martin Llavaneras), the sinister and tragicomic symbolism of drawings (Françoise Vanneraud), or the interest in the grotesque and phantasmagoric (Pedro Luís Cembranos).

    In short, the golden banner proposes a specific reading on artistic practice. A reading that analyzes the role of the artist based on continuous game of opposites – fact and fiction, faith and disrepute, solemnity and absurdity, relevance and irrelevance … – to offer a paradoxical and ironic approach to art today.


    Galeria T20, Galeria José Robles, Galeria Raquel Ponce, Centre d’Art la Panera.


    List of Artist and Works_

    Richard Proffitt (UK-Liverpool, Dublín)
    Hash Knife Outfit/Sunset Spirit

    Pere Llobera (ESP-Barcelona)
    Oil on Canvas

    Martín Llavaneras (ESP-Lleida, Berlín)
    The chilhood of an Encounter

    Françoise Vanneraud (FR-Nantes, Madrid)
    Requiem for a Dream
    A series of three drawings (56 x 76 cm)

    Pedro Luís Cembranos (ESP- Madrid)
    Disasters Relief
    A series of four engravings (78 x 54 cm)

    Fermín Jiménez Landa (ESP-Pamplona, Valencia)
    Dibujos fríos
    Drawing on paper

    Ainara Elgoibar (ESP-Bilbao, Barcelona)
    Useless metronom

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