Els Inmutables / Los Inmutables / The Immutable

16 August, 2012

Curated by Jordi Antas and David Armengol
DAFO. Lleida
opening: 22.09, 12h
22.09.2012 – 24.11.2012

Aggtelek | Raúl Díaz Reyes | Lola Lasurt | Paula Mueller | Rasmus Nilausen | Luís Vassallo

The Immutable is the exhibition that completes DAFO´s statement of intent declared the past month of april with The Golden Banner. Two group exhibitions that mark the fundamental premises defining the space: a self-critic aproximation to what is involved when working with art, a relationship with the artists based on direct experience and the intent to merge various artistic scenes.

In this sense, The Immutable takes drawing and painting as starting point in order to analyze the inalterable character of such records from a conceptual perspective. A stoic and courageous gesture – to keep on painting in scenarios that are less receptive to pictorial work – that invites you to an updated review of the peripheral status of the paintor in contemporary artistic practice. An act of persistence that, either from a more parodic and godless attitude towards the medium itself, or from a more romantic and passionate reading, that promotes an appealing proliferation of pictorial proposals within the context of emerging art.

Thereby, and through an ironic and flexible lense, The Immutable claims the impassive mood of the painter or the draughtsman and his or her trade and towards the communities in which he/she operates. Staging in which, as a chain reaction, the pictorial and sound atmospheres of Aggetelek in The Speaker (2011), coexist with the approximation of the ufology that Raul Díaz Reyes (in this case in association with the brazilian photographer Paula Muniz) carry out through the photography and drawing in Visionarios (2011).

A dialogue that continues with Instrucció en cercle (2010) by Lola Lasurt, an ambiguous set of pseudo-documentary paintings that the artist draws from the Women’s Encyclopedia edited by Salvat in 1970 and with a mural intervention by Paula Mueller for The Immutable. A visual narrative of epic and tragicomic dyes that link with the recent paintings by Luis Vassallo, selecting both parts of Realidad Orgánica Primera (2011) – a set of formal, iconic and symbolic relations – as with El Organista (2012), a new work with figurative roots. Finally, the exhibition ends with a new pictorial production by Rasmus Nilausen, a series of pieces focusing on the visual and conceptual approach to still life painting.

Ultimately, The Immutable wants to show six different approaches to painting and drawing, but that in turn share a common attitude: to work through their potential and their critical narrative against a reality, at times, too rigid. A power witch is more dysfunctional than practical, more useless than productive, but that is able to monetize it´s low relevance thus offering other possible views about what surrounds and defines us.

Art Center la Panera, José Robles Gallery

Translate: Pia Nielsen

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