Book Showcase #1

20 July, 2012

Books about printed matters

From DAFO we have started a small editorial line, a project in collaboration with Múltiplos bookshop from Barcelona by means of a selection of books.  Through an invited agent linked professionally to the publication of books for artists a theme selected for the occasion will be presented. This project aims to offer a reference point in book form of publications by artists through a structured selection of ten books in each book showcase.

Under the heading “Books about Printed Matters”, the first Book Showcase presents books selected by the artist Mireia c. Saladrigues, who works on the idea of Material Accumulation and her own book.

The Self-Reflexive Page – Louis Lühti – Roma publications

 Surface Series – Batia Suter - Roma publications

 The Last Book – Artemesia – Jan Van Eyck Publications

 Everybody’s Card – Martine Derks & Xavier Fernandez 2011

 En blanc. Re-edició d’un diari local – Jordi Mitjà

The world according to – Iñaki Bonillas – Argobooks

 W.D.A.O.V.T.O.P.N.N.M.T.B.V. – Michalis Pichler -  Revolver books

 KOMMA – Antonia Hirsch – Fillip editions


 COMPO DE RHETO – Theo Cowley – Jan Van Eyck Academie

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